$50 a month provides Ugandan pastors:

• A small stipend for living expenses

• College level Bible classes

• Sustainability training opportunities

• Encouragement including pastors conferences, coaching and mentoring

Meet Our Pastors

In the heart of western Uganda, where communities struggle under the weight of poverty, a pastor becomes a source of hope and resilience.

By fortifying 30 pastors and churches, we’re building a solid foundation for sustained, positive change. Our goal is to cultivate a dynamic network of encouraged leaders and inspired congregations ready to serve others across Uganda.

Expand Uganda

Expand’s extensive mission in Uganda involves providing essential oversight and resources for a network of churches, delivering vital pastoral encouragement, comprehensive discipleship training, and essential financial support. These churches, in turn, serve as the foundation for additional services, such as church planting, education and prison ministries, making a lasting impact in the region.

The Team

The Expand Uganda team is comprised of seven Ugandan leaders focused on evangelism, serving pastors and planting churches as well as four US team members that provide oversight and accountability.

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